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Digital Marketing Salary In India

Beginner Level (0-3 Yr) Exp
2-5 LPA
Middle Level (3-7 Yr) Exp
5-15 LPA
Top Level (7+ Yr) Exp
15+ LPA

Scope Of Digital Marketing In India

Different Marketing Channels

digital marketing case study

Demand Is High For Digital Marketers

50,000+ Jobs Available In Market

If you look carefully, you will observe the increased use of the internet day by day. Digital Marketing is a technique to reach out to the maximum number of people by spending less. So businesses are moving rapidly towards marketing using digital channels due to which there is high demand for digital marketers and best digital marketing course in pune.

 And like said earlier, Digital Marketing Course has something for everyone. By completing the Digital Marketing Course from PIIDM the Best Digital Marketing courses in Pune, you can start your own business and promote it digitally. If you have some sort of special talent then you can start your YouTube Channel which is booming nowadays. You can also work and earn as a freelancer by working from your comfort zone. You can join a company to promote its business and earn a profit share. Also, you can help other businesses by offering Digital Marketing services and so on.

Job Opportunities

List Of Job Opportunities After Digital Marketing Training In Pune (PIIDM).

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • PPC Expert
  • SEO Expert
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Content Writer
  • Social Media Expert
  • Social Media Executive
  • E-Marketing Executive
  • Campaign Manager

Who Can Do ?

What Is Digital Marketing Course Eligibility ? Here Is The Answer Of Your Question

  • Business Owners
  • Housewives
  • Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Consultants
  • Website Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • YouTube Channel Owners
  • Part-Time Working People
  • Bloggers
  • Any Degree Or PG People

Our Alumni Works At

Placement Companies

We Provide 100% Placement Assistance to all our Students in good organisations for Digital Marketing post. Our placement team does a through background check of the company before placing every students.

Why Should You Join PIIDM For Digital Marketing Courses In Pune?

Here We Have Mentioned Some Of The Reasons Why PIIDM Is The Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Pune,
Have a Look.

Free Management 360 Program

Free Management 360 Program

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Soft Skill Training

Soft Skills Training

100% Job Assistance

100% Job Assistance

100% Practical & Live Projects

100% Practical & Live Project

17 Certification

15 Certifications

50+ Latest Modules

50+ Latest Modules

50+ Marketing Tools

50+ Marketing Tools

250+ Topics

250+ Topics

Free Domain & Hosting

Free Sub Domain & Hosting

50+ Assignments

50+ Assignments

8+ Years Experience Faculty

8+ Years Experience Faculty

Personal Mentorship

Personal Mentorship

Study Portal & Study Material

Study Portal & Study Material

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

Micro Size Batch - 8-10

Micro Size Batch

Classroom & Online Training

Classroom & Online Training

Guest Lectures From Experts

Guest Lectures From Experts

Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees

Creating Portfolio

Creating Portfolio

Hurry ! Hurry !

Special Discounts For Students, HouseWife's & Job Seekers

*We truly understand importance of money and its need in everyday life. We want people take benefit of our service and build their career. That’s why we have special discounted courses for college going students, job hunters and housewives. We will take care that there will be no load of fees on you.

2 Course In 1 Program

Course Curriculum

Advanced Digital Marketing Program 2.0

Here Is The Answer Of Your Question Here are the list of more then 50+ Course Modules that we teach you in our training session ! All the modules in the course are specially designed in such manner that you can easily understand. This Digital Marketing Course In Pune cover Creating, Marketing, Monitoring & Earning concept !

    • What is traditional marketing?
    • What is digital marketing?
    • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing 
    • Platforms of Digital Marketing 
    • Understanding Domain Name & Hosting
    • Different Types of Websites
    • Introduction to WordPress
      • Posts
      • Pages
      • Plugins
      • Themes
      • Customize setting
    • Study of Business Website
    • Using Page Builder
    • Study of E-commerce Websites
    • Installation of WooCommerce 
    • Installation of Payment Gateway 
    • What is App?
    • Importance of App for a Business
    • App creation tools
    • How to publish your App on Google Play Console
    • What is a graphic?
    • Types of graphics
    • Importance of graphics 
    • What are the different graphic designing tools?
    • How to create attractive info-graphics? 
    • How to create a logo, facebook posts, Profile & Cover Pictures, Instagram Post & Ads, Design Display Google Ads
    • What are video creation tools?
    • Types of video creation tools 
    • How to create an effective video?
    • Overview of Powtoon 
    • What is Social Media Automation?
    • Different Automation Tools
      • Buffer
      • Hootsuite
      • Postcron
    • Connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. with the automation tool
    • Send or Schedule post to all connected platforms
    • What is Social Media Automation?
    • Different Automation Tools
      • Buffer
      • Hootsuite
      • Postcron
    • Connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. with the automation tool
    • Send or Schedule post to all connected platforms
    • Introduction to On-page Optimization 
    • What is a Meta Title and its Importance?
    • What is a Meta Description and its Importance? 
    • What are Meta Keywords and its Importance? 
    • What is URL Optimization and its Importance?
    • Importance to H1 – H6 tags 
    • Importance of Bold, Italic, Underline tags 
    • What are Anchor text and its Importance?
    • What is Content Optimization( Keyword Density)?
    • Page load time Optimization 
    • What is Image Optimization and its Importance?
    • 404 Error
    • 301, 302 Redirection
    • Sitemaps and its types 
    • Robots.txt
    • Canonical Tag
    • SSL 
    • Favicon 
    • What are Backlinks and its Importance?
    • Web 2.0 
    • What is Domain and Page Authority? 
    • Google Page Rank 
    • Directory Submission 
    • Blog Submission 
    • Blog Commenting 
    • Social BookMarking 
    • Press Release submission 
    • Image Submission 
    • Video Sharing 
    • Guest Posting 
    • Panda 
    • Penguin
    • Hummingbird
    • Google Mobile-Friendly Update 
    • Pigeon 
    • SandBox 
    •  Google Rank Brain 
    • Google Possum
    • Google Fred 
    • Introduction to Keyword Research 
    • Tools for Keyword Research 
    • Introduction to Keyword Planner 
    • Different Types of Keywords 
    • Local Keywords Research
    • Introduction to Competitor Analysis
    • Tools for Competitor Analysis
    • White Head SEO Techniques  
      • On- page
      • Off-page SEO
    • Black Head SEO Techniques  
      • On- page
      • Off-page SEO
    • Green Head SEO Techniques  
      • On- page
      • Off-page SEO
  • Introduction to Local SEO
  • Advantages of Local SEO
  • Business Listing On Google My Business
  • Local SEO ranking Factors
  • What is SMO
  • Advantages of SMO
  • SMO Vs SMM
  • Different Platforms in SMO
  • The benefit of Social Media on SEO
  • What is video optimization?
  • Factors to consider in Video Optimization
  • Steps to optimize videos and rank them on YouTube.
  • What is Voice Search 
  • Introduction to Voice Search 
  • Voice Search Ranking Factors
  • Introduction to PPC
  • Account Structure
  • Account Setting
  • Billing Setting
  • Campaign Setup
  • Ad Group Setup
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Different Types of CPC’s
  • Understanding Pricing Modules
  • What is Quality Score
  • Re-marketing and Conversion
  • What are Ad Extensions
  • Understanding Ad Rank
  • Different Networks of PPC
  • What Is Display Advertising?
  • How Does Display Ads work?
  • How to create Display Ads?
  • Benefits of Display Ads
  • Different Bidding Strategies
  • Audience Targeting Options
  • Reporting
  • Calculating ROI
  • What is E-commerce?
  • Various E-commerce Platforms
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Listing Your Products on Merchant Center
  • E commerce Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile App Install Campaign
  • Mobiles Apps Engagement
  • Increased Number of Mobile users
  • Promoting sites in App
  • Benefits of Mobile Marketing
  • Audience Targeting In Mobile App
  • Objectives of Video Advertising
  • Importance of Video Advertising
  • Campaign Setting
  • Ads Format
  • Types of Video Ads
  • Location Targeting
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bidding Strategies
  • What are Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • Levels in Facebook Marketing
  • Types of Ads (objectives – Ad Manager)
  • Audience selection 
  • Bidding strategies
  • What is Twitter
  • Levels in Twitter Marketing
  • Types of Ads 
  • Audience selection 
  • Bidding strategies
  • What is LinkedIn 
  • Levels in LinkedIn Marketing
  • Types of Ads 
  • Audience selection 
  • Bidding strategies
  • What is Quora 
  • Levels inQuora  Marketing
  • Types of Ads 
  • Audience selection 
  • Bidding strategies
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Benefits of Email marketing
  • Email Marketing Tools / Software
  • Introduction to Mail Chimp
  • Creating Subscribers List
  • Types of Email Campaign
  • Campaign Templates
  • Email Automation
  • Reporting
  • What is SMS Marketing?
  • Importance of SMS Marketing
  • Difference Between Promotional and Transactional Messages
  • Tools for SMS Marketing
  • Importance of WhatsApp for your Business
  • WhatsApp Business App
  • WhatsApp Business Features
    • Business Profile
    • Statistics
    • Away Messages
    • Greeting Message
    • Quick replies
  • WhatsApp Marketing Tools
  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender
  • WA Panel
  • WA Bulk Panel
  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  • Bulk WhatsApp Marketing
  • WhatsApp Dominator
  • WA Bulk Sender
  • Blaster Bulk Sender
  • Conversion Tracking
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Understanding different Types of Content
  • How to Write Great
  • Compelling Content?
  • Understanding Blogging Concepts
  • Keyword Research for Content
  • How to Market Your Content
  • What is Re-marketing?
  • Benefits of Re-marketing
  • RLSA (Re-marketing list for search ads)
  • How to Create Re-marketing List
  • What is Conversion?
  • Importance of Conversion Tracking
  • What is Lead Generation?
  • Importance of Lead Generation
  • A/B Testing
  • Types Of Leads
  • Converting Leads into Sales
  • Understanding Landing Page &
  • Thank You Page
    • What is Google Analytics?
    • Importance of Google Analytics
    • Sections of Google Analytics
      • Real-Time
      • Audience
      • Acquisition
      • Behavior
      • Conversion
  • Key Performance Matrix 
  • Bounce Rate
  • Exit Rate
  • Different Goal templates
  • Different Goal Types
  • Introduction to Webmaster Tool?
  • How to Install Google Webmaster tool
  • Sections of the Webmaster Tool
    • Search Appearance
    • Search Traffic
    • Google Index
    • Crawl
    • Security Issues
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager 
  • How to Set up Google Tag Manager 
  • Targeting Tag in GTM 
  • Creating Variables and Events in GTM
  • What is ORM?
  • Importance of ORM
  • Impact of ORM in sales
  • Case Study
  • ORM Tools / Software
  • Review & Complaints
  • Introduction to Growth Hacking
  • Developing A Growth Mindset
  • Growth Hacking Analytics
  • Customer Life Cycle
  • Conversion Optimization Techniques
  • What Is Blogging?
  • Future of Blogging?
  • Types Of Blogging
  • Ways To Earn From Blog
  • Top Famous Blogger And Their Blogs
  • What Event Blogging
  • How To Select Event Niche
  • Types of Event Blogging 
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • Different types of Ads
  • Linking AdSense with Website
  • AdSense Policy
  • Placement of Image, Text and Video
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to apply for Affiliate Program?
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  • Finding Good Affiliate Products
  • Introduction to the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Strategies to Increase Affiliate Traffic
  • What is Dropshipping
  • How To Select Product
  • How To Setup Dropshipping Websites
  • Case Studies Of Dropshipping Websites
  • What Is an Influence Marketing?
  • Case Study Of Influence Marketer
  • What is Freelancing?
  • How Freelancing Works?
  • How to Pitch Clients
  • How to Grab Projects?
  • Freelancing Packages
  • Benefits of Freelancing
  • Websites for Freelancing Projects

Management 360 Program

To get a job in a MNC you do not just have to be an expert in one particular segment. Organisations would definitely desire a candidate who has management skills. Our Digital Marketing Course also, involves a Management program that enhances and builds your overall professional skills. 

After course completion, you are ready to give interviews and grab your dream job. Digital Marketing is continuously growing and so the jobs. So you don’t need to worry whether you will get a job or not. Following is a list of designations that one can get in the Digital Marketing field.

  1. Digital Marketing Executive
  2. Digital Marketing Manager
  3. PPC Expert
  4. Analytics Manager
  5. SEO Expert
  6. SEO Executive
  7. SEO Manager
  8. Content Marketer
  9. Content Writer
  10. Social Media Expert
  11. Social Media Executive
  12. SEO Trainee
  13. Digital Marketing Trainee
  14. E-Mail Marketing Expert
  15. Campaign Manager
  16. Digital Marketing Trainer
  17. Sr. Digital Marketing Executive

After the course completion, you will get 15+ certificates that are essential in digital marketing. These certificates include course completion, internship, E-mail Marketing, Google AdWords, etc.

Yes of course. There is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals in the industry, so you need not worry. Our support team will help you in preparing for the interview and get you placed.

Free & Paid Latest Tools

Learn 50+ Digital Marketing Tools

In digital marketing field, tools are very important part of business tasks. They make complex things easier and help to done work at a faster rate. At PIIDM, we give names and teach working operation of 50+ smart marketing tools that are considered essential in the field digital marketing. Don’t just learn it but actually learn it by execution. The only place where this happen is PIIDM where you learn latest updated, free and paid tools. Grab this opportunity and help yourself to enhance your digital skills. For better understanding giving following is a list of few.

Globally Recognised

15+ Digital Marketing Certification In Pune

When You Learn Digital Marketing Courses In Pune (PIIDM) We Provide You With Our Certificate. We Also Help You To Get 15 Other Certificate Such Google, Inbound etc.


What Our Alumni Have To Say

We Help You To Achieve Your Dreams Too. 

Meet Our Amazing Team

The Faces Behind Our Success

Meet our super fantastic team who is contributing to the organisation wholeheartedly and who is ready to give you all educational help that you want. We assure you they will help you in all possible ways to fulfil your motto of joining PIIDM. Their guidance has helped many students and are ready to give helping hand to your career.


Sujata Bondge

Content Marketer

Prachit Pawar

Prachit Pawar

Education Consellor

Shankar Chavan

Shankar Chavan

SEO Specialist

Founder & CEO

- Vijay Gehlot

Mr. Vijay Gehlot is Digital Marketing Expert & Blogger by profession. He has completed Bachelor in Science (BSC) & Diploma in Interior Designing. He started his digital journey from Blogging (vijaygehlot.com) in 2013, along with that he founded Digital Marketing Company (Pashium Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.) to provide services such as Web Designing, SEO, PPC, SMO to clients. His company hold good status of clients and is known for quality service. He has more than 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing field. He is a certified Digital Marketer with great knowledge that definitely helps our students to be a professional in Digital Marketing.

He has also been part of 50+ startups who are running very well in various industries, where he has contributed his knowledge as Digital Marketing Consultant. He has trained number of students and is still passionate to give knowledge to students.

He founded PIIDM – Pashium International Institute Of Digital Marketing in 2018 with the vision to educate people with right knowledge about Digital Marketing. His motto is to aware people with Digital Marketing knowledge through Digital Marketing Training Institute In Pune so that they can stand by their own to shape their career and fulfill their dreams. 

Vijay Gehlot - Founder & CEO

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Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
2 Months
Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
2 Months
Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2 Months
Weekend (Sat – Sun)
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PIIDM  Provides the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. And so, we are growing fast in no time. We currently operate in Pune and aim to cover all over India. 

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We Have Great Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

This Are Most Frequently Asked Question To Us Regarding Our Digital Marketing Classes In Pune, So We Have Put Up As Many Questions With Answers. Hopefully Your Negative Doubts Will Get Clear.

Everyone is using the internet and other digital devices to boost their business. The modern way of doing marketing using the digital channel has given birth to digital marketing which is also called internet marketing. Digital marketing is perfect for all the business, be it a small business or a large scale one, you can make use of the digital channels and networks to boost the sales and reach of your products and services. It is the best and cost-effective option as compared to the traditional way of marketing.

  • Measurable : The success and performance of business can be calculated and asserted easily with digital marketing. You can compare the performance of the advertisement campaign and make the needful changes anytime if the strategy is not working as expected. Digital marketing strategies can be measured with tools and software so that your business can perform better online.
  • Affordable : The most expensive part for any business is the advertisement cost. Almost all the business must bear the marketing cost if they want to create the brand awareness, but it is very difficult for small companies to invest high advertisement funds. Digital marketing works as a saviour because digital platforms provide the most cost-effective alternatives to reach out to more customers in short time periods. In fact, the techniques like email marketing help you to reach directly to the customer’s invoice.
  • Engagement : The online world is getting more active users each day. Almost all the product and service have an online website or page on their social media channels. The bounce rate on the website is less and the audience is interested in spending more time due to the attractive content and user experience. In order to keep the audience engaging, you just need to share relevant content with the audience. You can include different strategies like posting a regular blog post, promotions, and special offers.
  • ROI : Digital marketing offers a great return on investment. Email marketing and other online advertising campaigns on different social media platform help to boost the business. The return on investment is very high, it is highly beneficial for both small and large business.
  • Targeting : The digital marketing helps the business to reach out their exact audience this will help them to target the precise folks and generate business. You can reach the customer based on their age, demographic location, gender, locality, interest, behaviour etc. Marketing overall digital platform is very easy, and you can create a campaign advertisement and target your preferences. In short, the customer receives what they are looking for, this makes the business easy.
  • Awareness : Brand visibility and brand reach ability are very crucial for all the business. Digital marketing helps the business to reach out to the huge population in a very short span of time. A high-quality website and blog with readable articles can take the business to next level. The social media channels help in brand development.

PIIDM is 100% practical oriented course. We provide 50+ Modules, Interview Preparation, Free Domain & Hosting, Lifetime Support, 15 Certification, 100% Job Assistance.​

Digital Marketing Course Fees In Pune depends upon Institute to Institute and on their service but usually it starts from 10,000/- To 1,00,000/-. To Know Our Course Fees Contact Us.​

Any person with understanding internet & social media channels / platform can do this course. such as Housewife, Students, MBA Pass out, Job Seeker, Businessman etc.​

PIIDM, is offering 50+ Modules which includes more than 300 topics. Creating / Designing –> Marketing –> Monitoring –> Making Money.

If you stay in any of this area you can reach us within 30-40mins, Swargate, Satara Road, Katraj, Bibwewadi, NIIBM, Camp, MG Road, Koregoan Park, Ganga Dham, Wanwari, Fatima Nagar, Hadapsar, Magarpatta, Nal Stop, Kondwa, Sihgad Road, Warje, Nahre, Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Tilak Road, Deccan, Shivaji Nagar, Pune Station, FC Road, SB Road, Aund, Banner.​

Yes, PIIDM help you with Digital Marketing Internship by guiding you How to crack interview and we place you in our tied up companies & firms.​

If you stay in any of this area you can reach us within 30-40mins, Swargate, Satara Road, Katraj, Bibwewadi, NIIBM, Camp, MG Road, Koregoan Park, Ganga Dham, Wanwari, Fatima Nagar, Hadapsar, Magarpatta, Nal Stop, Kondwa, Sihgad Road, Warje, Nahre, Kothrud, Karve Nagar, Tilak Road, Deccan, Shivaji Nagar, Pune Station, FC Road, SB Road, Aund, Banner.​

Yes, PIIDM provide study material in printed & pdf format both. Even online video’s are available & provided to students to revise at home.

Yes, PIIDM (Pashium International Institute Of Digital Marketing) provides 100% Placement Assistance for our student. We prepare them for interview & help them get placement in out tie up companies.

As we all know internet subscribers are increasing day by day so each and every company wants to promote their brand or product on internet, therefore each day scope in digital marketing is getting bigger by 2020 it’s expected to have more then 20 Lacs Jobs in Digital Marketing Field.

We Provide 1 Institute Certificate & 7 Google Certification, 1 Inbound Marketing, 1 Email Marketing Certificate.​

We just allow 8-10 Students per batch. So that it’s easy to focus on students assignments & doubts.​

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