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Google Adwords Certification In Pune

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With the increasing use of internet day by day, People simply choose to search information about anything on search engine. And speaking about search engines, everyone knows Google. Here in this world there would be no one who doesn’t know about Google that has occupied the world and has become famous because of its service. It has answer to every query and so everyone prefers to search it on Google. Here comes the website and SEO of those websites.

It is undeniable fact that SEO takes comparatively longer time to show desired results and hence businesses turns towards Paid promotions. The only benefit of paid promotion is it gives instant results. Same is the condition with Google ads, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other paid advertising platform.

Businesses want instant result today. Depending on the objective like if they want to run an ad for Brand Awareness, or to generate traffic or to generate lead etc. can go for paid promotions. All these objectives are achievable but they should understand that it takes time.

Digital Marketers in industries have the responsibility of performing all these task successfully. For this they are suggested to complete Google Adwords Course. If you live in pune then PIIDM’s Google adwords Course In Pune is the one which fulfills all your learning requirements. Our Google Adwords Certification In Pune covers all aspects of the topic and clear your doubts regarding the topic. If you have your own business and you handle the marketing part then for you also our PPC Course in Pune is the top rated institute to provide the course. Our team of experts will give you thorough knowledge with practical learning.

Let’s start with the meaning of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Google Ads:

Basically it’s a paid technique developed by Google for businesses to reach their customers instantly. In 2018, Google changed the name from “Google Adwords” to “Google Ads”. people choose Google ads because it allows them to target more users in more accurate ways.

For example if you search “sandwich delivery”, you will be able to see the results like below where Google ads are run on top and bottom of the page. To identify this see the “ad” button in a square box.

Google Adwords Course In Pune

Well this is an example of Search Ad means it will show the results in Search network when users enter queries. Google Ads contains other ad like in Display network, Video network, Shopping etc. platforms and devices. To learn all things in depth you are more than welcome to Join SEM Course in Pune which will teach you things related to Google Ads and make you expert in the same. Our SEM Training Institute in Pune includes following things in Google Adwords Course:

  • Introduction to Google Adwords
  • Types of Ads
  • Account setting
  • Billing setting
  • Landing Page Optimization for better lead conversion
  • Complete Campaign Setup
  • Types of CPC and Keyword Match
  • Meaning & Analysis of Quality Score
  • How to reduce cost with effective bidding strategy
  • Designing of different types of ads
  • Training Completion Certifications
  • Google Certificates & much more

If you are searching Adwords Training Institute in Pune then nothing can be a better place than PIIDM. We happen to be the best Adwords Training Institute with experienced team of experts that will give you complete knowledge about the course. In the  course period you will work on live projects and get practical training. After completing Google Ads Courses, you will be able to run ads at your own and get the desired results. Enrol as a beginner in PIIDM and exit as a expert in Google Ads. Join us today and start building strong future with us.

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