5 High Paying Careers Opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing

5 High Paying Career Opportunities In The Field of Digital Marketing

5 High Paying Careers Opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing

Nowadays you are listening to the word Digital Marketing. Isn’t it? Well this can be the effect of digital India but no worries. Somehow we are going ahead.

Currently Digital Marketing is giving wings to businesses and people to fly high. And so you should also lead in the field where you have highest chances of growth.

Following are top 5 high paying job career opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

1) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a concept of ranking your website higher on Google. It is the organic way of ranking your site and absolutely free of cost. It cost nothing but give countless profit to businesses. There are continuously changes in search engine algorithms and one have to be updated to those changes to understand what strategy to be applied to remain ranked. A search engine like Google uses bots to crawl sites and depending on many factors it decides which site to rank where. So businesses today are very conscious in selecting SEO specialist and give high pay for that talent.

If nothing, a student can get start career as an intern with stipend. Industries today give near about 1.6 lakh to a fresher and near about 4-5 lakh to a person with experience of 3 years.


2) Content Advertising or Content Marketing

Having quality content on website is very essential because search engine identifies copied content and blocks immediately. Publishing and marketing that content is as important as writing. Because people will not know unless it is reaches to them. The creative work in India is given high pay and is best fit for people who likes writing and are active in marketing. Many people don’t have the desired skills and companies today are in high search of creative people with strategic mind.

Since they are demanded in the industry, the payscale they get is also quite good. A person having no experience but knowledge can earn up to 2 lakhs a year. And if he/she has experience then no worries. For 2 years of experience one can get 3-4 lakhs per annum and so on.


3) Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a run for instant results where ads are shown on the first page and and lands users on website. To run a google ad, one need to have proper understanding of how the ads run, where to target, whom to target, how much the budget should be etc things. A Google Adwords Specialist also have to strategic mind to take decisions. A certified Adwords person in digital marketing is given more trust and value. They also helps in identifying where are the mistakes and what a business should do to make more profit from ads.

Salary offered to a Adwords Specialist:

Since it is the play of money one has to be very cautious while running ads. Companies today give handsome pay to adwords specialist to work for them. On an average, entry level person can get upto 3 lakhs per year and a 5 years experience person can get upto 9 lakhs per year.

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4) E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a concept of sending professional mails to potential audience. The activity is done after a proper plan which explains how and when to hit the mail. The mail contain ads, product or service explaining images, and call to action buttons. Email Marketing is considered as more professional way to communicate with customers.

The average Salary offered to E-mail Marketing specialist is around 3 lakhs and varies according to experience and city.

5) Social Media Specialist

Social Media is trendy among youth and many businesses whose target audience is youth between the age 20-30, will not miss the chance of marketing with social media. It might contain social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, where most of youth spend time surfing news around. Among all medias used for digital marketing, social media is the strongest one that give results.

Salary offered to social media specialist lies between 3-5 lakhs for a 2-3 years experience person and increases as per time.

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