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4 Lead Generation Strategies in Digital Marketing

To generate quality leads is not an easy task. Business owners today want to increase lead flow within less time. Their expectation from digital media and social media is often very high and nothing is wrong in that, but actually the graph is little bit different. There is need to understand the relation between these two and if understood properly, there are chances to put your inputs too.

Journey of a consumer is very long and it begins with the awareness of business. For that you have to maintain your business presence online or offline or both. After brand awareness the user is redirected to your website or at the place of business like store, shop or office. Once the user is at your door after showing interest personally, it is the job of business to convert this lead into sales. At this point, it is business’s responsibility to know the trigger point of consumer, his or her need and ability to fulfill that though your product or service.

It’s undeniable fact that leads are core part to any business. More leads means more business and more growth. Again, the ratio of leads generated to leads converted is depend on the kind of business, the present interested audience, number of business competitors, what is unique in your business, location of your service (If there is need to visit physically and frequently) etc things but ideally the rate is considered to be 20%. Means if you have 100 leads and you were successful to convert 20 of them then that’s the win.

Following are some Digital Marketing strategies to increase leads that you can implement:


1) Content Marketing


Quality Content Marketing

It is rightly said that content is king of marketing and this fact is true in any era of marketing. But what is content? It’s not only the full page written text but also appealing visuals like Images, Videos, Audio, relatable links for more information etc. All this leads to increase user’s interest and keep him or her engaging. Then this content should not be only limited to website but it has to be shared with social media audience to reach more number people.



2) Social Advertising


paid Social media marketing

As we all know Social Media is very strong in terms of marketing. Every person form every age group is present on social media and mainly on Facebook. To reach these people with your service you have to study where your target audience lies. According to that you can choose suitable social media platform to advertise. And more importantly this advertising is very cost effective than print advertising. For example Facebook has almost all kinds of audience and provides more reach in less money.

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3) Pop Ups



pop ups

You may have realized when you visit a website, you are able to see fascinating pop ups to grab attention. To grab the lead, pop ups is one of the best ways to do so. After sufficient time spending of a user, you can set a pop up to ask information like name, email and contact number etc things to reach out with service. You can also customize these pop ups with different colors like you can put special color first time visitors and another color for recurring users. Once a customer make mind to take your service or your business is able to make mind of customer.


4) Local Business Listing


google my business

Google has launched an amazing service for local businesses named Google My Business to get found by people. There are plenty of other local business listing services to register your business with contact details and people can easily find you. This is good for getting more traffic to website and increasing ranking on search engine also. This way users directly can contact you and you get free organic quality leads.

These strategies are useful for increasing your business and start getting quality leads for your business. Depending upon your business goal, you can include other marketing strategies and act accordingly. To increase your business get more business tips and strategies by joining Best Digital Marketing Training Center in Pune.

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