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Successful Tips for Career in Freelancing

People take certain degree, then do some specialized course and then join top companies related to their field. But then at some point they get bored with all the regular things happening with their job. This is the key point of Digital Marketing that you can work from home whenever you want. Isn’t that interesting to work at your space with cup of tea or coffee in your hand, sitting on your chair like however you want. All here you need is a internet connection and that’s it.

With such a significant earning and angles to investigate many organizations are thinking to freelancing specialist in Digital Marketing. Freelancing Career in Digital Marketing is exciting to explore as you work from your comfort zone, earn very well, learn things happening in the business world, and much more. Here are some tips if you are thinking to build career in Digital Marketing.

Join Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing involves multiple things to apply for and gaining knowledge is the first step towards freelancing career in Digital Marketing. There are number of training institutes of digital marketing that provides hands on knowledge to students. PIIDM is one of them that offers Digital Marketing Training in Pune with practical knowledge and provides highly demanding certificates including Internship. So if you live in Pune and want to start your career in freelancing then Digital Marketing Course is a must thing.

Build a Strong Portfolio

When starting freelancing, single CV is not enough. The bitter truth is no business person would like to give project to a fresher depending on just the theory knowledge of person. To get good projects from companies or business owners, you need  to build strong portfolio of your previous work. If you are at the start of your career in digital marketing and you want to start with freelancing career, then your portfolio may consist of internships that you have taken. This will enable your confidence about work because of practical knowledge and the employers will also not hesitate to assign you work. If you have previous experience except digital marketing and you wish to continue career in the same with digital marketing knowledge then that too is fine for employers. It will assure them that you will complete the given task in better way. And if you have your previous experience in some other field and now you are taking digital marketing projects then you have to convince your employers how you can add value to their project with your skills.

A portfolio may consist of following things :


Project Name:

Goal of Project :

Actual Outputs :

For this Digital Marketing Course in Swargate is an extraordinary option that will give you 100% practical knowledge which will help you getting projects with confidence. Our team of experts will provide you quality training with all latest digital marketing skills and tools.

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Build Contacts & Sell your skills

You have to sell your skills before you sell or start your client’s projects. You have to advertise or market your work to give sample example of your work done. The best way to do this is creating a website or blog, listing & showing your work there.

Also join various social media groups where you get connected with other freelancers. Be in touch with them, learn new things, grab new projects. This way, step by step your portfolio will become strong. Also to get more work you can search for Freelancing Websites on Google and you will get websites like and others in the list. One valuable tip here is while taking projects, keep your price comparatively low to what others are selling. Once you get famous for your work and quality, make that price as much as you want.

Contract of Work :

Since you get your freelancing work from unknown people, it is wise to make every conversation legal. You may find clients playing tricky games with freelancers. There comes times when your client may ask more work than what was discussed. So whatever was the conversation or deal, it should be draft in a mail and have a copy of that.

Gain The Latest Knowledge :

Digital Marketing is ever evolving field. There will be no point in life where you can say, “I’m done. Now I know full of Digital Marketing.” Never. It encompasses thousand of challenges, newest of technologies that you have to be heard of. The one and only solution to this is keeping the habit of constant reading. You can subscribe to your favourite YouTubers, newsletters, blogs, forums etc.

Hope this information was helpful to you to build career in Digital Marketing. Tell us through comments. We would would like to hear from you.

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