Tips To Improve Ad Quality Score In Google Ads

As Google says. “ If you wish to succeed in new customers online, then advertising with Google AdWords may well be right for you”, It will boost the amount of business at numerous levels on the online sphere. It’s an enormous platform and straightforward start-up and might get your advertisements before an outsized range of potential clients instantly.

AdWords could be a nice supply of latest leads for little businesses, however, it may be a sophisticated system that takes a good deal of effort to make a success with.

AdWords Quality Score is a measure of the value and performance of the pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Ad Words Quality Score directly affects the PPC (pay per click) achievement and profitability.

Quality score is a ranking system used by a search engine like Google to determine if your ad is qualified and reliable to be displayed in the sponsored space of the search results.

There are lots of uncontrollable variables in paid search advertising, but still, you can control your quality Score and can take steps to improve it.

This score affects your campaign performance and can make it a huge achievement if you take the required steps to increase your score.

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There are three factors:

  • Click-through rate – CTR measures the number of users who click on your link.
  • Ad relevancy – The relevancy of the keyword or search query to the ad.
  • Landing page – the relevancy and status of your landing page to the ad and the search query.

Tips for increasing the Quality Score

  • Structure Your Campaigns
  • Target Your Landing Pages
  • Optimize Your Ad
  • Optimize Landing Page Load Time

Tips for planning your campaigns

  • Keyword research – Tools, such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner, are the key to getting the details of your advertisement’s content right. Start by advising your specific list of keywords you think are related to your industry.
  • Organize similar keywords into campaigns and ad groups – Don’t just copy and paste your list of keywords into one AdWords bucket. You need to arrange them into campaigns and ad groups. For e.g., IT Consulting Services, and IT Companies should all be in the same ad group, & Cloud Service Provider would be in another ad group. Distributing your keywords like this will make it much easier to analyze your data later.
  •  Link ads to landing pages that cover the same subject as the keywords in an ad group – Sending the people who click on your ads to pages that cover a related topic as the keywords within each group will help your Quality Score.
  • Use location targeting – If you provide services within a limited geographic area, make sure your campaigns are set to display ads only to searchers within that area. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying for clicks from people that you can’t give services for.

The Best Quality Score tools available right now

  • Google Ads
  • Adwords Performance Grader by WordStream
  • Tenscores
  • Adalysis
  • Ad variations in Google Ads
  • Landing page builder
  • Speed optimisation tools
  • Google Ads’ Search terms report


Benefits of Google AdWords


  • Adwords works faster than SEO
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox
  • Reconnect with visitors to your website
  • Measure your performance consistently
  • Explore more using your ads
  • Tackle your competition better

I have explained all the essential parts of Google AdWords. I hope these advantages of Google AdWords would help you to get started with running your first Google ad.

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